21 Ways

21 Ways To Look At Bitcoin

"Is it possible that there are people who say 'Bitcoin' and suppose they mean something shared by all?"

Bitcoin is different things to different people.

21 Ways is a work in progress. Some chapters have already been published. Just like my first book 21 Lessons, this book will be released under a permissive creative commons license. Follow me on twitter and support me on patreon if you want to tag along and support the project.

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Chapter Zero: A Quick And Dirty Explanation

  1. Bitcoin Is an Idea

  2. Bitcoin Is Time

  3. Bitcoin Is Magic Internet Money

  4. Bitcoin Is Sound Money

  5. Bitcoin Is the Best Money We Ever Had

  6. Bitcoin Is Digital Scarcity

  7. Bitcoin Is Absolute Scarcity

  8. Bitcoin Is a Truth Machine

  9. Bitcoin Is Wealth Insurance

  10. Bitcoin Is a Decentralized Computer Network

  11. Bitcoin Is a Payments System

  12. Bitcoin Is a Global Settlement Layer

  13. Bitcoin Is the Separation of Money and State

  14. Bitcoin Is a Peaceful Revolution

  15. Bitcoin Is a Parallel Economy

  16. Bitcoin Is a Game

  17. Bitcoin Is Information

  18. Bitcoin Is Speech

  19. Bitcoin Is Freedom

  20. Bitcoin Is a Monetary Black Hole

  21. Bitcoin Is a Living Organism

What Bitcoin Is Not